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If a brand new life was proposed to you, what would you do? Where all your memories have been erased, the life that you have lived, the rights and wrongs have completely vanished. A brand new page, the thing you most wanted…
A life where you are more beautiful,
More rich,
More successfull,
More loved,
More unique,
Does it ever end? Where would it all fit?
And this is all that we are, as we are.
The rest is all down to what you are able to achieve and consist of your talents. Having false dreams will wear you down, cause pain and make you become a stranger to yourself. You will become a prisoner of property, Money and greed.
Whereas, our only wish it to be free. Being able to walk on a brand new page without erasing the past is freedom. Life consist of the stories of the past. The meaning of life is not hidden in the now, but in the past.
It is in all the seconds that have passed us by. Now is the main thing, later on is a dream, beyond is so and so…

  • Translation by Oya Varol

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  1. Kesinlikle..Kanaat ettiğiniz kadar mutluluk kalır avuçlarınızda.